About Me

Hi!  I'm Andrea, and love to share ideas.  Anytime I find something that works, I can't wait to tell someone about it.  Since there's only one music teacher at a school, I usually have to find some other poor soul to listen to my giddy excitement about a new game, song, or program.  My poor husband - H -  has listened for 25 years now!

H and I have a wonderful life.  We have two amazing boys  - C and K - who are now teenagers and becoming fine young men.  But sometimes, boys are just gross.  Sometimes I feel like I'll be living in a frat house for the next decade!  Then again, it's kinda nice to be the unchallenged queen of the roost. :) 

I love my job.  I work at the best school, with the best principal and the best teachers you'll ever find, and our kids....well, they're the best!  I love the excitement that young children bring into music.  They are ready to try anything once, and usually sixteen more times after that....

Other random bits about me:

I'm crafty, but I need some inspiration to get me started.

I love to bake and make fun cakes for birthdays and celebrations.

Inside my cabinets lies delightful organization. Outside the cabinets...depends on the day.

I LOVE organizing and labeling things, but when life gets crazy, so does the system!

I am a hearing impaired musician.  No, it's really not that big a deal.  I'm deaf in one ear, but I've been coping for forty- my entire life, so I don't notice.

I can't hear in stereo.

I love to read.  My Kindle app goes everywhere with me!

My husband and I are fans of British television.  Since before Downton Abbey, but we love that too!

I'm so glad you're here!  Here's hoping for a year filled with more mastery than mayhem....but at least enough to make good stories. ;)