Kid Quotes

Kids are so funny sometimes!  My goal is to write down those moments that make me laugh so I don't forget them.  Since I'm writing them anyway, I thought I'd share them with you....

3rd Grader (while discussing the early origins of  "America"):  "The pilgrims came to America on the Cauliflower." 

4th Grader (same topic, different class):  "Why is the statue of liberty a girl?  Why didn't they make a boy and a girl, so it would be fair?"

Kindergartener:  My daddy told me to go straight to class.
Me:  Well, he probably didn't know that it isn't time to go to your classroom.
Kindergartener:  Sometimes he doesn't know what he's talking about. 

I have a video by "Ani-Music", an animated instrument video that the kids love.  Sometimes on Free Choice Day the kids will ask to watch it.  This time, a second grader who was new to our school asked what it was.  Another boy said, "You don't know?  Dude, it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"  LOL!