Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here I go....

It's almost here. August is four days away, and I can feel summer slipping through my fingers. Our campus has been home to summer school all summer, so my room will not be available to me until August 5....which is when we leave town for the weekend, so...August 8. Yikes! Even after 14 years of teaching the same subject, three at this school, I feel a sense of panic when August rolls around. What am I doing? How did I do this last year? What was it I wanted to remember for next time? That feeling never quite goes away. However, I took the time last year to make myself a checklist, in hopes of making August a little less frantic.

Here is a sample of my Back to School Checklist:

Classroom Preparation (instruments, desk, tables, etc.)
Bulletin Boards
Labels and Schedules
Calendars (campus, district, and my own)
Choir Auditions
Lesson Plans
Back to School shopping list

I know, it's kind of bare bones, but these are just categories.  Each one has a detailed list to go with it, which changes daily (or hourly!).   Right now I'm just trying to get my brain going in the general direction.  After all, summer's not over yet!

What do you do to get your brain ready for school to start?

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ccoffey said...

I feel the same way every year too.......more so this year being at a new school. Enjoying your blog and subscribing via Google Reader. :)