Friday, September 9, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Average

This week has been all about choir auditions.  I have a 3rd and 4th grade choir that meets after school on Tuesdays all year long.  Last year, I had 55 kids in the choir, and it was really too big.  At least for my school, with just me, it was too many kiddos.  So this year I vowed to stick as close to 40 as I could....<sigh>.  It's so hard to tell a 9-year-old that you didn't choose them.  I'm always worried that they will be scarred for life--but then, it's a life lesson that we don't always get everything we want, right?  Right.  Okay.  They get their results in a sealed envelope, right before they leave school on Friday.  By Monday, most of them will have gotten over not making it, and the ones who did make it will be so excited to "tell" me about it, I'm sure it will be a good day. (But I'll still worry about it until then. I can't help it.)

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Jamie Pugh said...

I wish I could be your student! Like in the old hand bell days!