Saturday, August 18, 2012

Let the Mayhem Begin!

WOW!  I knew I was tackling a lot of big changes all at once, but the details are starting to sink in.  This last week I went to my new school for the first time.  I found a large room (good!) that shares a wall with the band hall (not so good), with an office, music library, and two storage rooms (good) that were all FULL of stuff (not good!).  It looked like no one had cleaned out or taken joy in their teaching there in several years. It was overwhelmingly depressing.  I'll admit it, I cried more than once this week over the mountain of stuff ahead of me.

BUT....I spent yesterday cleaning out the office and arranging the room with the young man who will be teaching the other sections of 5th grade music while I am teaching choir.  Bless his heart, he is so excited to start his new job (he's a first year teacher), but he's kind of all over the place.  I've been asked to mentor him this year, which any other year I would be thrilled to do, but right now I feel like need to get myself in order before I can help anyone else.  If you are a praying person, please pray for me in this area!  I want to be a good leader and helper to him, as well as to my students.  I need a clear head and a calm spirit to make this work.

MEANWHILE, all of my school stuff from my old classroom is still in North Texas.  I came down with ONE crate to start the year, and I am wishing I had more here.  We will be going back to get more of our belongings Labor Day weekend, so I only have to get through the first week.  So it's my turn to ask you for ideas!  What activities can I do with 5th-7th graders that require little or no props/equipment?  I found rhythm sticks and egg shakers, and I bought 30 cups last night for cup games.  I'm going to try to borrow some beanbags or balls from the PE teacher (fingers crosssed they have some!). 

I need help to master this amount of mayhem!  Thank you in advance! 


Emily Quezada said...

When I was reading your post I had a flashback to my first classroom. I remember those moments of standing in the doorway to the closet thinking how am I ever going to be ready. Don't worry, my Mom still reminds me that there is a reason for everything. I'm sure those children will have an amazing first week because they have you as their teacher. The fact that you are so concerned proves that.

Take a deep breathe and relax,this too shall pass! :)

L. Farnell said...

you've got this, Andrea! :-) are you needing ideas for choir or general music classes? How long are the classes? Are they divided by grade levels? I'll be me if that's easier. You are amazing.. what you consider mediocre is better than what a lot of people do. :-)

ckmusicmom said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.....